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So y'all know by now how much I love George @ Asda, right? 
I mean, I've featured many of their items on my blog over the last year, from homewear lust-lists to clothing wishlists.  I just can't get enough of their affordable goodies.
And low and behold, here's another lovely wee fashion wishlist to add to the tally.
Now, I love a good label as much as the next blogger but when it comes to casual separates for day-to-day wear, you really cannot go wrong with George at Asda - the quality is there, the items wash up great (jeeez, when did I become so OLD?) and they are SO affordable.
Seriously, sack off that Primark haul you had planned and get yourself down to your local Asda and have a good hoak around.

Wrap Top 10.00  / Bardot top 10.00 / Zebra Shirt 12.00 /  Blazer 16.00 / Backpack 14.00 / Wonderfit Skinny Jeans 20.00 / Open stitch jumper 16.00 / Cami 12.00 / Shoes 16.00 /


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