Lifestyle | H&M Homewear Top Picks

I can't help myself!  I can't stop looking at pretty things!!!
I just happened to stumble over the H&M home wear section recently and completely fell in love with the majority of the new stock so today I thought I'd share my top picks of totally unnecessary home wear items that I just need to have.

Can we just appreciate how much my little goth heart adores these black branch style candleholders?
The slytherin-esque snake coaters are pretty badass too and who doesn't want their home kitted out with with Harry Potter style stuff, eh?
I've always been a huge fan of art-deco style and geometric prints so the gold print mug, totally unnecessary napkin holder and perfume bottle just happened to fall into my online basket recently and I have zero regrets and absolutely zero need for them but sure, treat yo self, eh?
Are you lucky enough to have a H&M Home close by?  Or do you spend your days daydreaming online like myself?


  1. Wow, these collections are really different to what I've seen before, I'll have to pop in to a branch and have a look

    Mel ★

  2. I LOVE H&M Homeware but I've never seen any of it in store before, I wonder if I need to find a bigger one? I especially love their bedding.