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Lifestyle | Boss Your Weekend

Y'know what I'm shit at?  Sticking to a blog schedule and not swearing...yea, yea, I know!
And apart from that?  Well, I'm not too great at making the most of my time off at the weekends.

I have to-do lists as long as my arm and when it really comes to it, I find myself binge watching Lucifer with a bag of microwave popcorn or in town shopping for pretty things I quite frankly just don't need but I'm trying to work on that.  So I've pulled together a list of things I'm aiming to do at the start of every weekend to get my ass off the sofa and be more productive.  

I LOVE a lie in, I mean, I realllly love a lie in but I don't wanna waste my time off either.  Life is for living so I wanna get out of bed before 1pm on a Saturday afternoon and get shit done.  Sure, I've found this easier since being in my 30's as I don't go out partying as much these days but I feel accomplished when I have the boring house stuff done by 11am and it's a great feeling I want to have more often.

Meal plans are a HUGE thing in my life, I work long hours and find when we plan our meals for the week ahead that I function better, less take-aways and more veg in the belly helps me to think clearer.  If you need some help, check out my meal planning suggestions post here.  But basically if I need to do the food shop, I want to know exactly what I need to pick up while I'm out.
I also like to plan my social schedule and yea, I know that sounds a bit silly but I like to know what I have going on during the up-coming week so I can kinda plan in outfits, budget for the week ahead and make sure I see family etc as often as possible.

Not ideal for everyone but as mentioned in this post I always feel better after a good walk and I have two wee dogs that need walking so starting the weekend off with a bit of fresh air, pup-time and exercise means you'll feel that bit less guilty when you're downing that second bottle of red come 8pm.

Actually the one I fail at most.  I have over 100 blog posts in my draft folder that are either half written or waiting on photos to be added.  I want to use my extra hours on the weekend mornings to get my blog shit done, sort out any emails and declutter my workspace.

Ohh hello old lady!
OK, I know that sounds terribly old but no matter what age you are, nothing beats fresh bedsheets, towels and an organised wardrobe for the week ahead.  You know it makes sense.

If I'm not out on a Friday evening I like to dedicate the night to a bit of a pamper, give myself a bit of prep for my Saturday night home drinking wine with the other half, y'know?!  
Spending the night taking up residence in the bathroom for a few hours indulging in a giant bubble bath and pamper session is not only good for the soul, it's good for those hairy ol legs to get a seeing to too.

Reading back over these few point makes me realise how OLD I sound but also how much of a planning geek I am.  I'm ok with that though as I want to BOSS MY WEEKENDS.

Do you live by any sort of weekly schedule or am I just CRAZY?



  1. Love a good walk at the weekend and getting house sorted, etc always makes you feel better no matter what your age is!! Sad but true!

    1. So true, Kiera. Good for the soul too :)
      Thanks for visiting xx

  2. I never boss my weekends so morning I got up super early and have already got SO MUCH done, when normally I'd still be in bed. I also feel as though I can carry on working for the rest of the day, rather than plodding along and trying to start at 2pm, then not actually starting until 8pm... I am totally winning at the weekend, lets hope it sticks!

    Kirsty Leanne

    1. You GOT this!!!
      Keep it going, I think you feel so much better for it!
      Thanks for visiting xxx