Lifestyle | Things To Do In January When You're Broke

So it's still winter but no longer socially acceptable to dance around with tinsel in your hair so what can do you to keep the spirits up in January when you're broke as a badger?
I've been on a bit of a mission recently to stop shopping when I'm bored and actually DO stuff instead.  So if you're bored and trying to stay away from your overdraft this January, grab your diary and plan some fun days instead.

Thing to do in January when youre broke.  Post Christmas. Photo by Makeup Savvy

1.  Eat all the leftover Christmas food - Fuck that whole "New Year, New Me" shit the media throws at us come January.  I'm broke, there is leftover party food and chocolate and I'm gonna get cosy and enjoy it. 
2.  Movie nights - what's more Hygge than grabbing some candles, blankets and vegging out on the sofa with a Harry Potter marathon that you Sky plussed over the holidays?
3.  Make use of those cookery books you got for Christmas.  Try making that curry you always wanted to and try to adapt some recipes if you don't have all the ingredients.  That lentil, baked bean and apple pie will totally work.
4.  Have the girls round.  Demolish the leftover Bucks Fizz, ditch the mobile phones and maybe even dig out the old Sing Star and get your BeyoncĂ© booty shake on.
5.  Go for a walk.  Actually go on a HIKE.  Get the fresh air through your lungs, pack a picnic and eat it in the car if necessary.  Going for a walk is something I always groan about when it's suggested but actually I feel SO much better for it every single time. 
6.  Pamper night/ day.  Make use of all those smelly bits and bobs you got for Christmas.  Do your nails, use a face and hair mask and if you're like me - maybe even dye your brows .  Spending some time using your new or favourite products and having a little bit of self care time is good for the soul - embrace the long boring month of January and have some YOU time.
7.  Go full on Merry Berry and knock up some baked goods for yourself, the family and even your work colleagues.  Make use of the fridge full of butter and chocolate and bake some shortbread.  I find baking extremely calming and rewarding - an actual finished product at the end that you can also EAT.  YASS.
8.  Board Games.  Need I say more?  Board games are making a serious come back.  Locally we have a good few cafes and bars where you can go and play board games, so why not get into the attic and find your old Monopoly and Scrabble boxes.  My other half got sick of me beating him at games over the Christmas period so he recently purchased a collaborative game called Pandemic in which the players work together so we're going to get stuck into that soon.

9.  DIY.  Yes, I went there.  Maybe not one for everyone but as a (kinda) recent homeowner I have a list the long as my arm to be getting on with.  I love slapping a coat of paint on an old piece of furniture to give it a new life and currently we are in the middle of revamping our hallway.  It's now a beautiful shade of grey (City Break by Crown Paints for those wondering) and we're trying to do a bit of a gallery feature wall made up of all our own photography work - hopefully I'll be able to take some update photos for you all soon.

10.  Read.  I don't know about you but I have a whole heap of books that I keep meaning to read.  I'm currently loving Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick but I have a mountain of books that I really want to get stuck into soon.

What do you do to amuse yourself when you're broke?



  1. I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to come on a hike with me but we always end up back on the couch watching netflix - major january blues haha!
    jen | velvet spring

    1. I can't even pretend I don't know what that feels like. I have a serious bum shaped dent in my sofa but I always just feel SO much better for it. He'll give in someday and you'll be STUNNED.

  2. Love this post, its not 'January favourites" but 'January must-do's'. I've definately almost got rid of the Christmas food, apart from some hot chocolate. I really must find time to read more, maybe with my Hygge book & a cup of hot choc! I'm aiming to get fit and go for more walks, especially as I live in the countryside. Fighting pain on a regular basis makes it a bit hard at times though.
    Apologies i don't comment enough on your blog..I find it hard to keep up sometimes with my health, mainly struggling to keep up with my blog too,lol.
    H x

    1. I can totally get that. I'm sure the cold doesn't help either.
      I'm usually a complete couch potato so I'm trying to get away from the screens evening and this list has really helped me.
      Your blog is Slayying at the moment, woman. XXXxx

  3. Loved this :) so many good ideas that I may actually do... especially cooking from a few cookbooks.

    Glad you could make use of one of my free stock images as well :)

    Fee x

  4. This is great Gillian! I love to read and have a Netflix binge when I'm skint. Simple pleasures. Or museums that are free to get into - always a winner. xx