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So Valentine's Day has to be like the second biggest consumer event of the year for Hallmark, yea?  As I mentioned here last year, I've never really been the lovey-dovey Valentine type, at all.  

Sure we all love a good excuse to give and receive gifts throughout the year but when I popped to my local shops the other day I just couldn't help but laugh at some of the items on display in the Valentine's Day ranges.  Plastic handcuffs and heart shaped photo frames just don't do it for me.

So instead, for the second year running I decided to pull together a bit of an alternative Valentine's Day gift guide.  Things that either I already own or could totally see myself actually using and not just sat in a cupboard with the leftover Christmas smelly sets.

Bitch Cup & Saucer Set from £8.00 
If you follow me on on Snapchat (username: eyeliner-flicks) then you may have saw an unboxing of my Typo sale purchases last week.  This set really was the reason for the haul, I just couldn't not buy it.  Who doesn't love to drink their tea from a fancy cup & saucer.   It's very me and it's looks BEAUT on my kitchen dresser too.

Love Potion Phone Case - £6.99
I'm an Android gal and the only thing I really hate about my phone is the lack of cute cases.  Sadly this love potion case fits an iPhone, but I WANT IT.  CUTE.

I love this for three reasons!   
1.  I love cups and mugs, I think that may be kinda obvious from this post alone since I appear to have accidentally included three cups in the gift guide...oops.
2.  It's super granny-tastic.  The print (without the wording) looks like something my wee grandmother would've had back in the 80's.
3.  Who doesn't want a mug that insults you?!

Not everyone's style but it's very me.  I'm a huge fan of unusual and slightly gothic d├ęcor and I think this is not too OTT, in your face, Goth.  Plus the white and gold is SO on trend right now.
Cosy Black Heart PJ Sweat from George @ Asda £10
It's black, cosy, PJs and you can buy it while buying your toilet rolls.  YAS!

The last mug in this gift selection and again I accidentally went for an offensive one.  This one is a great size - sometimes I find those re-usable mugs far too big for on the go.  Plus, it's black.

Bath Bombs £17.99 
OK, I'm not gonna lie, the price of these bath bombs is a bit ridiculous but if you were going for the whole love heart, lovey-dovey novelty factor for Valentines Day, these are tempting. 

Boudoir Vanilla Massage Candle £10.00 currently on sale for £7.50
Last up, a massage candle.  Currently on sale for a bargain, it's worth it even if you didn't use it for the intended purpose, I think it loks very pretty and everyone loves a vanilla scent, yea?

Are you a fan of Valentine's Day?


  1. Aww Gillian I adore that cup and saucer after seeing it on your snaps.

  2. I bloody love the mug and the bath bombs! This is right up my alley. Me and the man thing don't really do romance. I'm likely to say 'Fancy a fuck?' on Valentines Day rather than any smoochy crap. ;) xx

  3. Oh I just bloody love everything about all of this!

    Sarah x

  4. I love the cup and saucer, I want it in my life!

    Mel ★

  5. I would love any of these things!! Me and my boyfriend do a box of chocolates and no card. We prefer to celebrate our anniversary! xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  6. The massage candle looks pretty cool but I'm definitely not a Valentine's Day's my grandma's birthday on Valentine's Day so it's never really been a romantic day for me! haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode