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Silidyn Review Supplement Rejuvenate Blog Review

You know when you buy vitamins and supplements and just forget to take them?  Yup, that's me.

One of the promises to myself for 2017 was to start taking better care of myself.  I wouldn't necessarily class this as a New Years Resolution but more of a way of life, or at least that's what I'm trying to tell myself anyway.
As much as I'd love to spend all day preening and trying out new products, I just don't have the time right now so I've been looking towards supplements to help.  So when the babes over at Thirty Plus put Silidyn in touch with me, I was given the opportunity to be part of their 8 week trial.  

Silidyn* is a liquid based Silicon supplement designed to help the body to strengthen bones and boost your hair, skin and nails and who doesn't want that kinda help?
The supplement appealed to me as I've never used a liquid supplement before.  As I've previously  mentioned, I'm usually terrible a remembering to take tablet style vitamins but Silidyn is easily added to your morning coffee with virtually no taste at all.

Every day you just add between 8-10 drops to your drink, be it hot or cold and drink immediately.  I was initially sceptical about drinking a supplement - but I honestly hardly noticed the additional flavour in my hot drinks.
Silidyn Review Supplement Rejuvenate Blog Review
So down to it, was it worth it?
From someone with TERRIBLE nails, I was excited to see stronger and somehow; smoother nails over the trial. 
I have been trying to make a conscious effort since January of upping my water intake and slightly adjusting my diet too so that may have helped, but last week someone actually commented on my natural nails for the first time in years and I was stunned.
Did I feel any benefit in my bones?  Well that's one I'm not too sure about really.  Right now I'd say no but I'm not really sure how to measure my bones to be this space.
Now this is one that I really wish I had taken before and after photos for but you'll just have to take my word for it instead.
I've always had fine hair and I colour it regularly so it really does need some help.  Plus, add to that, I've been growing out a very bad haircut from mid-summer last year.
I really do feel that Silidyn has helped my poor hair.  I've been teaming this supplement with my beloved Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Mask once a week and I feel like it's growing faster than usual, feeling much thicker and I seem to be losing a lot less hair when brushing than before.
Now, keeping in mind that I have been upping my water intake at the same time but YES.  I'm currently loving how my skin feels.  It feels plumper and smoother but I don't think I've seen any visible difference to my fine lines and wrinkles.
I'm now in my 9th week of using Silidyn and I'm surprised with the outcome. 
I think the fact I couldn't actually taste the supplement when I added it to my coffee helped, meaning I carried on using it.  I feel like I'd rather continue taking a liquid supplement like this as opposed to a tablet form one.  But I wasn't keen on it in cold drinks and I wouldn't advise using it that way.
I'm surprised how long the tiny 25ml bottle has lasted for and at £19.95 a bottle it's not going to break the bank either.  For over a two month supply, the price point is pretty decent when you think of some of the other varieties on the market right now that only focus on hair and nails.
I think my results were interesting.  I definitely saw an improvement on my skin, hair and nails but as I mentioned, I have also been a bit more conscious with my diet etc over the last few months so that could have contributed to my results.

But overall, I'd recommend trying Silidyn if you find taking pill style supplements a chore. 

Find out more about Silidyn and how it could benefit you here


  1. I think for bones and skin it would have to be taken over a long period of time. With Fibro, I've found my nails gave got so bad over the years, where they used to be so lovely. Thus sounds great for hair & nails. Thanks for sharing!
    H x

    1. Totally agreed.
      I'm really loving the effect its having on my nails and nails now, feels so much stronger.
      Thanks for visiting xx