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It's coming up the three year anniversary of buying our first home and apart from the "Holy hell, where did that time go" thoughts, I've also been getting itchy feet to start redecorating some of our rooms all over again, much to Mr Flicks' dismay.
The room I seem to be drawn more towards redoing at the moment is my dressing room/ office - as fancy as that may sound, it's really just a spare room where I keep all my crap but I'm always on the hunt for nicer pieces to make it that little bit sexier, y'know?!

Home office homeware wishlist

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10 Reasons I'm A Crap Blogger
There is no denying blogging has become a HUGE deal in the last few years.  Just take a look on any social media site and you'll find reviews, stylish flat lays and #ad's all up in 'yo face.  You can't escape the blogger/ influencer influx and personally I love it.
I've always been more of a reader than a writer so when someone new pops up on my suggested blog page over on Bloglovin I jump right in there and devour every post