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It's coming up the three year anniversary of buying our first home and apart from the "Holy hell, where did that time go" thoughts, I've also been getting itchy feet to start redecorating some of our rooms all over again, much to Mr Flicks' dismay.
The room I seem to be drawn more towards redoing at the moment is my dressing room/ office - as fancy as that may sound, it's really just a spare room where I keep all my crap but I'm always on the hunt for nicer pieces to make it that little bit sexier, y'know?!

Home office homeware wishlist

I was never a huge fan of all white interiors but I think over the last few years blogging really sucks you in and you grab ALL the white furniture.  When we first moved home I ended up with a cheap white table from Ikea that I used as a desk and thought would be ideal for taking photos etc but it's just not very me and I've fallen head over heels for this gorgeous oak coloured desk from Debenhams that's currently in the sale so this is right at the top of my wishlist. 
I want to try and invest in more fun, quirky homeware items too, so feel free to share with me your favourite shops to pick up pieces from, I'd love an excuse to go shopping somewhere new, who doesn't?
My mission is to slowly start adding more colour into my home so watch this space, we'll see I guess, eh?

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  1. Have you had a wee nosy in the Sostrene & Greene shop in Victoria Square (Just a couple door downs from Forbidden Planet) They have some really quirky and beautiful bits! Unfortunately you can't order online but they have catalogues that you can browse through and the shop is an ikea like layout :)