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10 Reasons I'm A Crap Blogger
There is no denying blogging has become a HUGE deal in the last few years.  Just take a look on any social media site and you'll find reviews, stylish flat lays and #ad's all up in 'yo face.  You can't escape the blogger/ influencer influx and personally I love it.
I've always been more of a reader than a writer so when someone new pops up on my suggested blog page over on Bloglovin I jump right in there and devour every post

I've been writing this blog under the handle now for over two years and I love everything I've achieved in that time but there's always a few niggling bits we can improve on or compare ourselves to other bloggers;
1.  I don't have a schedule.
Life can be busy, things take over and blogging is a hobby for most.  When I first started blogging I tried working to a schedule but it just wasn't for me.  So if you're looking for three posts per week, I can gladly point you in the direction of some other bangin' bloggers who'll fill that void for you.

2.  All the Social Media
Jeeez, how do folk keep up?  Add into that an Instagram theme??   Mate, no.
3.  I don't make money from my blog
Working, blogging deadlines and doing my own tax returns too?  No thank you.

4.  Broken Links 
Sorry SEO but I've only checked my broken links once this year, who has time to do this every week?

5.  I don't take Instagrammable perfect photos.
See that picture up there?  Yea, that's a stock photo and y'know what?  I think it's perfectly fine to use stock photos for some posts.
I work six days per week and don't always have time to perfectly style my teacup and laptop between 12pm and 1pm to catch the perfect lighting of the day.  I take my product photos in bulk when I can but again, blogging is a hobby for me so I'm not going to cancel a day out with my beau just so I can stay home and take photos of a bar of soap.  I truly admire those bloggers who must have amazing time management skills to be able to work full time and take their photos as products arrive.

6.  Scheduling content
I've not scheduled a tweet in over a month.  I have over 100 posts in my draft folder, half of which already have photos and I just need to finish them but sure, I'm in no rush, eh?

Go on, tell me what you're crap at......


  1. I'm crap at taking time off!! Loved this post :) xx
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only blogger who doesn't have a schedule plus I also have at least 100 half finished drafts laying around!! I raise my mug of tea to you and how real this post is!

  3. Yes, I love this post! I'm the shittiest blogger. I can't be arsed with Pinterest at ALL. I do use Buffer to schedule some content on Twitter but I'm generally really lax at all things. I've turned down about £600 of work so far this year as they wanted me to sell myself short. My integrity is worth more than that! If you follow ALLLLL the advice out there for bloggers you'd never eat, sleep or shit. Just do what makes you happy. xxx

  4. Apart the fact that I don't use stock photo I am pretty much the same blogger as you. I used to have a schedule but it did not work either for me so I post whenever I have a blog post ready.
    anyway I enjoyed reading your post !

  5. Gill, you are totes NOT a shit blogger! 💕 Blogging and social media has been so difficult lately, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot recently. It's sooooo hard to keep up. Keep doing you, lovely! Every time I see a new tweets or new blog post of yours, it actually makes me smile! xxx