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style freedom styling products by knight and wilson at superdrug

Fancy grabbing yourself some budget-friendly, high-performing haircare products?  Well Superdrug have you covered.

The new range of Style Freedom hair styling products by Knight & Wilson are available online and in-store NOW to save you from all your haircare woes!

I've been a fan of the bold Colour Freedom hair colours for a few years now, they're ideal for a speedy colour refresh when I don't have time for a full day of colouring so I was stoked when the new styling range landed on my desk recently.

style freedom styling products by knight and wilson at superdrug
Coming in at £7.99 a piece the new range is kind to your bank balance, as well as your hair.
The range of 17 products is split into four colour coded sections:
Foundation;  Detox Kit, Vitamin Oil, Detangler, Heat Protectant
Creation; Beach Body Spray, Super Root Volumiser, Sexy Hair Potion, Straight N Sleek, Sculpting Paste
Finish; Shimmer Cream, Vitamin Wax, Pure Shine Spray, Workable Hairspray
Revival; Curl Angel Cream, Canned Texture Spray, Style Capture Spray, Dry Shampoo
The packaging is right up my alley too; pretty, sleek and youthful with the flashes of colour and bold text - makes it super easy to tell the products apart and I don't mind them sitting out on my dresser either.

I've been testing out a selection of the range recently as to give my dull, over-processed, flat hair a bit of life and so far I'm pretty damn impressed.

Super Root Volumiser |  Designed to create lift and volume at the roots, obvs.  My hair is naturally super flat so I love testing out products to help encourage any volume.  The targeted nozzle on this mousse is super handy, it means you can spray the product directly onto the roots instead of into your hands first.  It's not sticky like some mousse products I've tried in the past and gives me the lift I want - it's especially great for styling my fringe. 

Sexy Hair Potion | An alternative to the Super Root Volumiser in my eyes - a non-aerosol spritz that also helps with volume OR can be used to help set rollers/ curls etc.  The bottle is 250mls and I'd say 3 sprays does my whole head so this bottle will go a long way.  This can be used on both wet or dry hair but I've been using it more on damp, before blow drying and it's making my locks feel fuller and dare I say it, sexier?

Pure Shine | As my bright red hair colour fades quickly it tends to look a bit dull and in need of some help so this shine spray is a welcome addition to my routine.  It can be used to tame flyaway hairs too without restricting the hair's movement.

Style Capture Spray |  For when you want a bit more structure than just taming those fly-aways this hairspray is perfect for holding my full fringe in place of a windy day.  I'm unsure if I'd shell out £7.99 on a hairspray normally 'cos I do tend to go through quite a bit of it but if it's on offer like it current is now, it'd happily spend £5.  The scent is pretty damn sweet too btw.

Canned Texture | My go to for adding texture into my hair these days has actually been dry shampoo as it tends to be a bit more budget friendly and more easily accessible than a texturizing spray but this product has been the biggest surprise of the bunch for me.  I think I'm converted back to texturizing sprays. 
I'm actually on my second can of this product now 'cos I love it so much but it did take some getting used to.  I find with dry shampoo you can spray, wiz your head around for a few seconds and go.  With texturizing spray it takes a bit of patience and the products tend to be a bit but I think Style Freedom have cracked it with this one.  It has a matte texture that aims to give you "next day hair" and I'm LOVING it.  Freshly washed, my hair is fly away and impossible to style so a quick spray of this and it gives me fuller, more workable hair - again a great product if you have a full fringe.

Have you tried any of the Style Freedom range?

Style Freedom is available online or in-store at Superdrug priced at £7.99 each - or currently on offer at the moment for 2 for £10.

*Post contains PR samples: but of course, all views are my own.

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