The Perfect Stocking Filler For Skincare Addicts + A Giveaway

Alpha H The Essentials Collection Gift Set From Cosmetics Online Ireland
It's no secret that I'm a bit of a skincare product junkie, I just can't help myself.  So when I discovered I got super excited to check out what they had to offer and pop a few new additions onto my Christmas wishlist.

Five To Try | Cleansing Oils

5 Cleansing Oils To try
Over the last few months I've really enjoyed pulling together posts that highlight five products to try from certain brands, it's given me the opportunity to showcase some of my favourite products from brands that maybe you've never tried before or didn't know which products to start with when trying out a new brand.

I've always been a bit of a cleanser junkie and I thought that this week I'd share my top five cleansing oils as I tend to wear pretty heavy eye-make up (never grown out of that emo stage y'see) and I've been reaching for an oil cleanser more and more recently and I think there is something in here for every budget too.

Turn To The Dark Side With Wet 'N Wild

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick Dark Shades

Monday, 29th of October 2018 is #InternationalDarkLipstickDay although I'm not normally one for jumping on those wagons, dark lipstick is one I can get on board with.

Fuschia Make Up Launches in Gordon's Chemist, NI

Fuschia Make Up

Is there anything better than discovering a new brand that you've never tried before?

Last week Fuschia Make Up launched into Gordon's Chemists in Northern Ireland and I popped along to meet the team and stick my fingers in all their products.

All That Jazz | The Designer Collection

All That Jazz Designer Collection AW

This week we see the return of Belfast Fashion Week, a chance to get the inside scoop on all the styles for Autumn/ Winter 2018 and a sneak peak of what some of the biggest high street stores and Designer brands have to offer.

To get me ready for BFW, I was super excited to get my hands on the latest Autumn/ Winter collection from All That Jazz, their Designer Collection.

Add A Sweet Treat Into Your Make Up Bag....

Add A Little Fun Into Your Make Up Bag With Amber House Lip Balms

With the recent change in weather in the UK to the autumnal side, I recently found myself short on my normal daytime lip products, meaning the timing of this little package of happiness was just perfection. 

As a 34year old woman, I never thought I'd find myself writing about sweetie flavoured lip products but y'know what?  Here we are!

Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. Skincare #10DayChallenge

The Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. Skincare 10 Day Challenge
Did you even know that Paris Hilton Skincare existed?  I didn't until I discovered these products.

I've just finished a 10 day challenge with Paris Hilton Skincare and I wanted to share my thoughts on the products here and below there is the opportunity for you to be in with a chance of wining the entire range for yourself.

Beauty | Five To Try From REN Skincare

REN Skincare Favourites. 5 To Try From REN Skincare

A few months ago I did a post on Antipodes skincare and my top five products from the brand and I thought I'd start a bit of a series on the blog going forward, sharing my top five products from some amazing brands.

Not only do I get to share some of my favourite discoveries from the amazing brands but I though it could prove handy for those who had been toying with trying out a new brand but weren't too sure where to start.

Microneedling & Me | Thérapie Clinic

Thérapie Clinic Belfast Ann Street
Have you ever considered having microneedling?

Well I did it and I wanted to share my experience as I had a lot of interest when I talked over on my Instastories about my appointments over the last few months.

Kildare Village | NIBloggerBrunch On Tour

Kildare Village | NIBloggerBrunch On Tour 
Over the last year and half or so, NI P.R Queen, Cathy Martin, the mastermind behind Belfast Fashion Week & creator of The F Words blog, has been working on the NIBloggerBrunch meet-ups.

The events are an opportunity for bloggers, creatives, PR's and businesses to come together, usually over some beautiful food and get to know each other and create new connections.

Back To Black With Pink Clove

With the recent change in weather again here in the UK I've had to hang up my trusty summer maxi dresses and dig out the tights and boots again.

Transitioning into different seasons can play havoc with outfit planning and for the last two weeks I have been stuck in a rut of jeans and sweaters, enter Pink Clove.

Beauty | Five Face Masks On Rotation

Five Face Masks On Rotation

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a facemask fiend.  I love nothing more than scraping back my hair, popping on a ridiculous animal hairband and treating my face to a little bit of TLC.

Fashion To See You Through Summer | BooHoo

Boohoo Maxi Dresses
I've shopped on for a good few years now but as of May 2018 we're in a committed relationship.

K-Beauty Haul | KOJA BEAUTY + A Giveaway

K-Beauty Haul | KOJA BEAUTY

K-Beauty has become so popular over the last two years and I absolutely love trying out new products so when KOJA Beauty got in touch to see if I'd like to try out some of their range, I was excited to pick up some new products an get trying them out.

But not only that, they also sent me a few items for a giveaway too.  Exciting, huh?

So check out the details below to find out how you can pick up some K-Beauty bits for yourself.

Hempz Beauty | Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Collection

Pink Pomela & Himalayan Sea Salt range by Hempz

The latest collection from skincare brand, Hempz has landed and it's dreamy!!

Beauty | Tarte Cosmetics First Impressions

Tarte Make Up

Are you a Tartlet?

A few weeks ago Tarte had an offer on that I couldn't refuse and I think if you read on you'll see why.

Y'see I had never actually tried Tarte Cosmetics before but I had dabbled on their site on a regular basis, so when an email popped into my inbox telling me all about an amazing offer they were running, I dropped my slice (whole box) of pizza and logged into their website right away.

Hair | Live Colourful With Colour Freedom

Festival Ready Hair With Colour Freedom

A question I get asked a lot is how I manage to keep my hair colour vibrant while still keeping my hair in good condition and it's actually much easier than you'd think.

Gel Fantasy Nails By KISS

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails
I've spoken on the blog before about my recent love for at home manicures and the handiness of press on nails, especially since I'm one of those clumsy girls who ruins their manicure 5 minutes after application.

Well KISS have outdone themselves with their latest Gel Fantasy collection and I can't wait to get these on my wee stubby nails ASAP.

New From Powder 'N Pout | The Pop & Pip Blender Set

Powder n Pout Pop and Pip Blender Set

A few months ago I shared my love for a local brand, Powder 'n Pout (here) and how they had completely changed my approach to my daily make up application.

I fell in love with their affordable products and how accessible they now are in Northern Ireland since they've launched in Medicare Pharmacies.

The Sagart Kitchen & Bar, Belfast

The Sagart Belfast

This weekend we popped along to check out the newly launched "Saint vs Sinner" menu in The Sagart, Belfast.

Caribbean Collection from All That Jazz

Caribbean Collection from All That Jazz

Beauty | Five To Try From Antipodes

Discovering Antipodes Skincare 
It's that time of year where I start to change up my skincare routine.

I changed the products I used a few months ago to help with the winter skin issues like dryness etc but since the sun has finally made an appearance it's now time to shake things up again and add in a few new additions to my skincare collection.

Lifestyle | Spring Additions & Bargains

Lifestyle A spring haul CND Vinylux Polish LOTD Sunglasses and Browns Family Jewellers Vamp London Stackable Rings

A new season and any excuse to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe and accessory collection!  I love adding small pieces to help pull together a few more outfit options and I figured why not share my new additions over here on the blog too.

Haircare | How I Care For Colour Treated Hair

How I Care For Colour Treated Hair Pureplex By Knight and Wilson from Superdrug
I was having the chats recently with a few other blogger pals about haircare and a point that pops up pretty often is how I look after my bright red hair.

Now I'm not saying my hair is in wonderful condition but I've dyed it bright red for over eight years now and it's not too shabby looking, if I do say so myself.

Beauty | Multi-Purpose Lip & Cheek Tint from B.

Beauty | Multi-purpose Lip & Cheek Tint from B.

I love this time of year when all the newest products drop for Spring/ Summer and this is one I'm very excited about.

The Multi-Purpose Lip & Cheek Tint's from B. have dropped this month and I'm jumping on that wagon full force.

By Invitation Rose Gold by Michael Bublé

By Invitation Rose Gold by Michael Bublé

Thinking back to my favourite beauty discoveries over the last few years ; one product stands out for me and it was a surprising one.

The original scent; By Invitation by Michael Bublé was featured on the blog (here) back in 2016 and I remember even to this day; when it first landed scoffed a little inside.

Recent Skincare Additions For Dry Blemish Prone Skin

Recent Skincare Additions for dry blemish prone skin

I'm on a bit of a skincare journey right now and if by any chance you've caught any of my babbling over on my instagram stories over the last few months you may have seen some snaps of my bright red, post-facial face and my chats about the issues I'm trying to deal with.

Lifestyle | A Homeware Wishlist

  homeware wishlist

Having a wee off work always does one thing and it's the one thing Mr Flicks' DREADS.

I get that itch!  No, not that one, ye dirty sod!   

I get the decorating bug.  Really, I blame Pinterest and my day job in which I actually work for a decor brand so I'm constantly surrounded by pretty interior images and dreamy accessories so I just couldn't help but pull together a list of all the bits I've been lusting after recently.

SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips 
If you've caught up on my most recent posts you'll see that with working in an office, over the last few years I've over-indulged in a little too much caffeine.

Yup, I'm currently trying to reduce the amount of tea and coffee I take on a daily basis by switching up my usual coffee for more fruit teas etc but other than the caffeine issue, there's also my teeth.

Introducing | Wildling Box The Cruelty-Free Self-Care Subscription Service

Wildling Box The Cruelty-Free Self-Care Subscription Service
It's been a fair while since I discovered a new and exciting subscription box that tickled my fancy.  

But the recently launched Wildling Box has just landed and I can't help but be excited about this one.

Finding Balance With Adagio Tea

Finding Balance Time With Adagio Tea + A Giveaway

I don't know about you, but working in an office 38 hours a week can have a serious effect on how much caffeine I put into my body and it's something I've become very aware of recently.

Powder 'N Pout

Powder 'n Pout make Up Brushes
The fluffy brushes of dream?

Powder 'n Pout have you covered.

3 Steps To Happy Hair | Haircare Products

3 Steps To Happy Hair | Styling Products
Y'know when you find a few products that just rock your world?  Well that's me right now.

I can't wait to get these on my head each day so it's only fair that I share them over here too, since it's a been a while since my last haircare update post.

Mother's Day Gifting with Prestige Flowers

 Mother's Day Gifting with Prestige Flowers

Is it in your diary?  Sunday March 11th 2018.

It's Mother's Day in the UK, have you arranged your gift etc yet?

The Budget Skincare Range Your Skin NEEDS

Superdrug Vitamin C Skincare NEW
That's right guys, Superdrug have done it again!

Fueling my skincare product addiction while staying budget friendly has to be one of my favourite pastimes and the newest skincare range from Superdrug has left my skin and purse-strings very happy.

Brushbox | Oral Health Direct To Your Door

Brushbox | Oral Health Direct To Your Door
So, it's no secret that I'm a complete product junkie but there's one thing I always forget; buying a new toothbrush.

B. Skincare | Pod Face Masks

B. Skincare | Pod Face Masks Superdrug New release

So, we all know by know that I'm a wee bit obsessed with skincare and facemasks, yes?

Yet another new product line from Superdrug and B. Skincare has dropped and I've been all over it like a cat in heat.

The Red Lip That Doesn't Budge | LOLA Make Up

Valentines Lips With Lola Make Up
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you can't deny that a good red lipstick is the perfect accessory to brighten the day.

Even the Goth in me can ditch the darks and appreciate a good red lip now and then and this year Lola Make Up have me covered.

Glacial Illusion Collection From CND Vinylux

The Glacial Illusion Collection From CND Vinylux is a range of Mystically Radiant Shades

It's no secret that I'm not a dainty flower. I'm a clumsy girl, usually found with messy eyeliner, mud covered boots and chipped nail polish. So products that can help me cheat my way to looking a bit more put together are right up my street these days.

Presenting CND Vinylux.

All Black Everything | LOTD Haul

All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  pearl studded biker jacket

I tend to stick to the same kinda clothing vibe; black.  

Black and studded, sometimes black and glittery but overall, all black everything.

Textbook former emo who never grew up really and I'm OK with that.

Celebrating January With Pago Juices

We've made it guys, it's the first payday after Christmas, are you celebrating?

Fancy a good cocktail recipe to help you along the way?

THe Hot Pagonia Cocktail Recipe

Foodie Facemasks By Superdrug

Foodie Facemasks By Superdrug We Heart Facemasks review blog

Winter skin, what a bitch eh? I don't know about you but I know my skin is in need of some real help right now.

Luckily for us, Superdrug have a new range of delightful facemasks at post-Christmas friendly prices to help us along to path to happy skin.

Beauty | New From GOSH - Mix & Fix Colour Drops

Beauty | New From GOSH - Mix & Fix Colour Drops

2017 was a huge year for foundation adjusting drops and the latest release from GOSH Cosmetics that hit the shelves of Superdrug this week has taken this sensation one step further.


2018 New Year Post
So we made it!  

2018 and the buzz words on the streets are still Brexit and Fuck the Instagram algorithm, eh?

I wanted to just take a few moments to empty my mind onto the blog today and talk about what you may expect to see on in 2018.