All Black Everything | LOTD Haul

All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  pearl studded biker jacket

I tend to stick to the same kinda clothing vibe; black.  

Black and studded, sometimes black and glittery but overall, all black everything.

Textbook former emo who never grew up really and I'm OK with that.

All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  Pearl Studded Biker Jacket

I don't tend to share many style photos on the blog but I couldn't help but get excited this month when one of my favourite online stores, LOTD got in touch and let me choose a few pieces to share on the blog.

I discovered LOTD just before Christmas 2017 when fellow blogger, Alessia from Velvet Lashes shared this photo on her Instagram and holy moly, I fell in love.

I did another order last week and couldn't wait to share some of the super affordable bits I picked up. 

I live in leather jackets and when I found this pearl studded biker jacket in the sale for £10, I couldn't take my eyes off it  Sadly it's now sold out but the stock on LOTD gets updated so regularly, I'm sure something similar will pop up again soon.  I teamed the jacket with a my favourite Napalm Death shirt for a night out to a local gig.

Also featured - a simple black ring choker* and one of the silver earrings* from the accessories section.  LOTD have one of the most affordable online accessory sections I've ever come across with prices starting from £3, while their bags are just £6.  I managed to grab myself a pretty sweet, smart-ish black handbag for office/ college days .

Talking of college - I actually forgot to mention on the blog that I've recently started a part time college course that's relevant to my day job, y'know what comes with that?  student discount  ohh yea!   

LOTD is the first website I've made use of my 20% student discount so far and I know I'll keep going back for more.

All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  Pearl Studded Biker Jacket and Choker
All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  Black Faux Suede Chunky Chelsea Boots
All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  Black Faux Suede Chunky Chelsea Boots
I picked up these black faux suede chunky Studded Chelsea Boots* for £15.00 as they looked super comfy and they did not disappoint.  

My old gigging boots were pretty bashed up and uncomfortable but the solid 2.25" sole on these boots means they'll give me a wee bit of height while still keeping me feet pain free.  

I usually struggle with boots as I have pretty wide ankles and calves.  These are slip on style Chelsea's and the faux suede is soft and gentle on the ol' ankles.

All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  Black Western Style Buckle Boots
All Black Everything |    LOTD Haul  Black western boots

LOTD have an amazing 70% off sale on right now so not only did I pick up another pair of black boots in these Western Style Buckle Boots for just £10, I actually bought them in the taupe shade too.  Y'know, to try and introduce some colour into my wardrobe.

I'm a plus sized gal, coming in at a UK size 16 on top/ 18 on bottom and although LOTD don't currently cater to the plus sized market, all of the items I've purchased over the last few weeks have been a success.  But I think that really comes down to not sticking to labels and going with your own style.  

For example the studded jacket above is a size 14, I would've preferred a 16 but it was sold out at the time, but to be honest, it's a going out jacket, one I'll style open.  For £10 I just couldn't not try it.

Sloan T-Shirts are everywhere right now and LOTD have a pretty hefty selection to chose from too.  I picked up this Girls Girls Girls shirt* for £6 in the largest size and it's a great fit.  I think their "large" shirts would fit up to a UK Size 18, of course that depends on how loose you like them to fit.

As I type this, LOTD currently have 30% off their NEW IN section so now I'm off for another look.   

Have you picked up any bargains recently?

*Indicates gifted item


  1. I've never heard of LOTD before but after reading this post I'll definitely have to pop on and have a nosy! That leather jacket is just gorgeous <3 and at £10 that is an absolute steal!! I also love the boots, especially all the detailing on them and they look so so comfortable.

    I miss student discount lol it was like a mini treat to yourself when you were able to use it and save some money! I also can't resist a sale!

    Loving this fashion postttt :) It's great to see what your style is and what you like to wear! Plus you rock it alllllll <3

    x Hayley The Tiny x

  2. I love those boots. Both pairs are lovely and what a bargain!!! Most of my outdoor clothes are black. I just love it too xxx

  3. Awh I love your style your look amazing :) Loving the jacket. I am so bad at wearing jackets need to get into the habit more!! x

    Rach |