Powder 'N Pout

Powder 'n Pout make Up Brushes
The fluffy brushes of dream?

Powder 'n Pout have you covered.

If you're an NI local, Powder 'n Pout have now landed in Medicare branches around Northern Ireland.

I'm a proper make up brush newbie, I'm not going to sit here and fib.  Make up brushes were never something I took time to think about much, I even used my fingers to apply foundation (gasp!) for many years - I like the finish, ok?!

But I was introduced to Powder 'n Pout in December last year and my good friend Alison over at Passions and Preening and has been singing their praises for a long time now, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

Can a good set of brushes really help a novice like me?

Well yes, yes they can, 'cos y'know what, they're damn good!

Powder 'n Pout brushes are designed and created by Aisling Cunningham, a local business woman from Co Donegal, Ireland.  Y'know her, right?  Sure, she was the winner of Ireland Young Entrepreneur 2015 and IBYE Young Business Person of the Year 2015.  She's a professional MUA and salon owner who has now developed this line of affordable make up brushes and she's taking on the world!

Powder 'n Pout make Up Brushes

As I said, I was introduced to Powder 'n Pout in December, I started off with 3 of their brushes;

P310 -The Fluffy Blender* -
The Fluffy Blender is ideal for smooth and even blending and shading with eyeshadow.
It's chiselled to the perfect size, for precise blending of eye shadow on the outer 'v' for a dramatic smokey eye with fine bristles to perfectly apply colour to the eye fold.
Made of natural sable hair, with a wooden handle.

P245 - The Duo Crease* -
The elongated teardrop shape of this duo fibre brush fits perfectly into the crease of the eye.
It is a fantastic makeup brush for blending eye shadow as the teardrop shape and mixed length bristles help blend your product perfectly.
The Duo Crease is also a perfect stippling brush for concealing sensitive areas such as under the eye where you don’t want to have a build up of too much product that would emphasis fine lines.
Duo fibre technology, with a wooden handle.

P210 - The Duo Tapered Powder* -
My favourite so far as it's perfect for applying foundation, powder, bronzer or blusher.
Made with Duo Fibre Technology, mixed length hairs and super soft fibres that make blending seamless. It applies product smoothly without overloading either the brush or the skin.
The tapered cut of the fibres ensure they hug the face and make tasks such as sculpting your cheekbones easier than before.
Again, it's Duo Fibre Technology, with a wooden handle.

I was SO impressed, I couldn't wait to get my hands on more so last week I popped along to Forestside Shopping Centre in Belfast as the Powder 'n Pout girls officially launched the range in Medicare Pharmacy.

Throughout the evening we were treated to demonstrations from Aideen Kate Murphy, MUA extraordinaire and Aisling Cunningham herself, demoing the Powder 'n Pout brushes in conjunction with Benefit Cosmetics.

As an eye-shadow novice, I was glad to pick up some amazing tips throughout the evening and I managed to add another bunch of brushes to my very long shopping list too.

The Eye Love It* set came home with me on the evening and I'm now even more determined to tackle eye-shadow.

Have you ever tied Powder 'n Pout brushes?  Well they're now in Medicare Pharmacies if you fancy popping along and checking them out.  Don't worry, if you're not local either, as you can purchase online too  via the Powder 'n Pout website.
Powder 'n Pout make Up Brushes
*Post contains gifted items


  1. These brushes look amazing, and your photos are fab! I'll have to pop in and have a look - I need some nice fluffy eyeshadow brushes!

    Emma x | http://www.violetelm.com

  2. I love make-up brushes, in fact I have far too many. However, I have never tried this brand. It sounds like something I need to give a go. They look gorgeous! xoxo

    Rach | https://caninesandcosmetics.blogspot.co.uk