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  homeware wishlist

Having a wee off work always does one thing and it's the one thing Mr Flicks' DREADS.

I get that itch!  No, not that one, ye dirty sod!   

I get the decorating bug.  Really, I blame Pinterest and my day job in which I actually work for a decor brand so I'm constantly surrounded by pretty interior images and dreamy accessories so I just couldn't help but pull together a list of all the bits I've been lusting after recently.

The Ypperlig mirror from Ikea is a little unusual and tbh, that's what grabbed me.  It's dark red and had a lip at the bottom that can be used as a shelf and it's £12.  The perfect budget friendly update to my hallway. 

How cute is this little cactus clock from Dunelm?  I think it would add a nice wee splash of colour to the wall in the spare room that I use as an office/ dressing room and it makes me smile.

Following a very drunken night many moons ago, my bestie calls me "bear" and it's kinda an ongoing joke so when I saw this bear-shaped table lamp from George at Asda, I just fell in love.    George at Asda homewares are just so affordable, I think buying something like this, a kinda novelty item is ok 'cos it's not a huge dent in the wallet.  It reminds me of the Abigail Ahern range from Debenhams that I've lusted over for a many years.

Aww man, how I wish we had Wilko in NI as I can't seem to tear myself away from the website.  I think these cute polkadot pillows would be an ideal addition to our bed.  Although I know Mr Flicks' would disagree, he's not a throw pillow kinda guy.

Old English Company have an amazing selection of planners and I think investing in one of these for the office is the way forward.  I keep going back to this black one.  I'm an all black kinda gal so this one is right up my street. 

On another note, to celebrate World Stationary Day on April 25th, Old English Company are actually running a competition to set a WHOLE SET of their planners.  If you fancy checking it out, just click here*

Another George at Asda find is this Wooden Table Set.  I love the colour of the wood and of course, the black detailing and guess what?!!  It's super affordable.  Well, for a side table I think it is anyway.  £59.

Now this last item is a little more of the frivolous side.  £75 for a laundry basket may seem excessive to some but IT'S AN ELEPHANT and it's adorable.  This wee cutie is from Next and I can't stop staring at it. 

Have you fallen in love with any homewares recently?  Could you see yourself buying any of my picks?

*Old English Co provided me with a gift card to use on their site as a thank you for including this link within my blog post.  It's an opportunity to share their competition they're running with you but as always all opinions are my own

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  1. OMG I need that elephant laundry basket! Look how cute it is. :) Totally love this post! Wish I had my own wee home to decorate... someday!! :) xo

    Rach |