Gel Fantasy Nails By KISS

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails
I've spoken on the blog before about my recent love for at home manicures and the handiness of press on nails, especially since I'm one of those clumsy girls who ruins their manicure 5 minutes after application.

Well KISS have outdone themselves with their latest Gel Fantasy collection and I can't wait to get these on my wee stubby nails ASAP.

Press on nails have become my go-to for events and weekends, they are fuss free and so affordable- usually found on offer in Superdrug too.

The latest Gel Fantasy collection is absolutley beautiful and I adore how well these last on my hands as I'm super hard on my nails.

The Gel Fantasy collections are so comfortable to wear, they have a large selection of sizes included in the pack and this is such a key point for me as I have a pretty small nail bed and had struggled in the past to find nails to fit.

I tend to opt for a medium/ short length nail and they wear really well and rarely chip while worn.

The latest collection features some beautiful designs that are perfect for all occasions, I've been trying out the following styles:

Ab Fab (bottom right, above)- one of my favourite designs in the gel range - this dark purple/ brown shade is right up my goth style street without being too ott and the intense shine catches me every time.

Faux Real - a beautiful short length, square tipped all over silver glitter set that are ideal for special occasions or mixing it up with another set and using as an accent nail.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Lit Within - these are a little longer than the others, noted as a medium length, these oval, pale pink, high shine set are super girly and I've worn these for a date night with Mr Flick's at the weekend and they lasted me right through until the next weekend without lifting.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Fanciful (top left)- currently on my nails right now and have been for going five days now, these are a little more girly than I tend to go for but I'm going with it.  They are a nude, square tipped nail with silver glitter on the ends and I actually trimmed these nails with clippers and filed them down a little for work and they have stayed on so well and I've had so many compliments that I think I'll be buying another set of these soon.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Range

(you bet I just took this photo in a shopping centre car park to show you how well these have lasted)

Have you tried the Kiss Gel Fantasy range yet?  If not, stay tuned to my social channels as the KISS team have kindly shared a few extra packs with me to give away.

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