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KBEAUTY by AVON Flatlay of Masks from Avons New KBeauty Range
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Nestled in-between the cult favourite, Far Away perfume, innovative cosmetics and affordable bathtime treats; beauty giant AVON have launched their own range of K-Beauty products that may rival high street and high end brands alike.

As a huge fan of the recent surge in K-Beauty products now available in the UK, I was super excited to get stuck right into AVON's latest releases. 

The new range consists of a collection of masks and hand creams and are made in Korea using authentic ingredients and formula's. 

I've had the opportunity to test run all FIVE masks in the collection and I needed to share them over here for you guys as they really do need shouting about; 

Sugar Maple, Glass Effect, Hydrogel Face Mask AVON K Beauty
Sugar Maple, Glass Effect, Hydrogel Face Mask* £3.50

Starting off with my favourite from the bunch; the Sugar Maple Glass Effect Hydro Gel Mask.
Sugar Maple is a natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which is well known for its exfoliation properties, helping to remove the dead skin cells. So after 10 minutes use, you are left with plump, hydrated and smoooooth skin and some leftover serum in the pack to use afterwards if you wish.

Plus, it comes sealed in the most adorable packaging too.  

A flatlay photo of Cica Smoothing Sheet Mask by AVON KBEAUTY
Cica Smoothing Sheet Mask* £3.50

The soothing one.  For 15-20 minutes, one of the most sought-after & well known ingredients in Asian medicine, Cica will soothe and deeply nourish the skin.

Cica (Centella Asiatica) is a clover-like herb that can help calm inflammation and repair skin barriers damaged by conditions such as eczema.  It can help replenish the skin if you're suffering from dryness or if you've used too many harsh skincare products and stripped out the natural oils.

Cica is an ingredient I've been dying to add into my skincare routine for a while so starting off with a sheet mask is a great way to test it out.

This mask left my skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and soothed.  I'll be buying many more of these and hunting out more products with Cica in.

Photo of the K-Beauty Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask By AVON
Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask* £6.00

The only multi-use mask from the new collection, this Golden Mushroom Sleep Mask comes in a 50g tub and is the ideal bedside beauty essential.

I'm a huge fan of mushrooms and this mask is formulated with a super trio; Chaga, Matsutake and Shiitake which are packed full of antioxidants & it works to deeply moisturise and replenish the skin overnight.

The texture of this overnight mask feels just like a thick moisturiser and the scent is gentle and refreshing.  I love waking up to plump, happy skin after using this.

A photo of the K-Beauty Jelly Kiss Lip Mask by AVON
 Jelly Kiss Lip Mask* £2.50

Lip masks can be pretty hit and miss for me.  I have a habit of buying them and forgetting all about them to be honest, but in the interest of experimentation, I made sure to get this one on my face ASAP.

This is a hydrogel jelly lip mask formula, meaning it's pretty squishy and fun to apply to the lips.  It feels comfortable to wear and is packed full of manuka honey and peaches to help smooth around the lip area and plump the lips.

I enjoyed this and will be repurchasing it, not only is the packaging super cute, the mask works, it's refreshing and super affordable.  Great to use before a big night out.

A photo of the K-Beauty Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches With Hyaluronic Acid By AVON
Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches With Hyaluronic Acid* £3.50

Eye masks are the style of mask that I reach for most often.  I love throwing a pair on while doing the housework or working away around the house and these are a pleasure to use.

I think £3.50 is a pretty affordable price for eye patches so these get extra marks for the price point and I can see me repurchasing a few sets of these again soon.
Hyaluronic Acid is one of my favourite skincare ingredients to help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay and keep the skin hydrated.

Have you tried any of the new K-Beauty range from AVON yet?  The range is fun and quirky and I can't wait to pick up a few more of the sheet and lip masks to keep in my stash as the are so affordable
 Are you a K Beauty fan?  AVON's range of K-Beauty is available now both online and via your local representative. A flatlay of 5 new KBEAUTY masks by AVON*Post contains gifted products. For further information, see my disclaimer page.


  1. We can't get Avon in the republic anymore unfortunately! i used to love some of their products! xx

  2. The cica acid mask looks incredible and my skin is definitely in need of some glow haha! Thanks for sharing x x

    Natasha | Twicethetalk

  3. I love that Avon have jumped on the K-Beauty bandwagon, the packaging is so cute xx