Finding My Groove Again...

Hunkmoller Lingerie Longline Bra
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It's been a little quiet on  here recently, hasn't it?

Ye'see I've been a little out of sorts, in a bit of a funk and super busy with work, so something had to give.  Sadly that had to be the blog and I hope you guys won't hold that against me

I've been on a bit of a lifestyle change journey recently as I felt like I had lost myself a bit.  Between working on larger projects in work that zapped my creativity, making our house into a home, having a social life and trying to fit blogging and events into the space I had leftover - I had to step back.

While I was working on rediscovering my love for everything non blog related; I decided to head back to my local gym as it always helped me feel more confident in my own skin and got the endorphins going.

I've been working on becoming stronger, lifting weights and feeling fitter and as such, managed to loose a little weight - sadly that weight came right off the area I wasn't quite prepared for.... (.)(.)

So when the folks over at Hunkemöller offered to send me a piece from their site, I was excited to use their online measuring guide and try one of their longline bras.  Because what makes you feel more you than a new beautiful set of lingerie?

Hunkmoller Lingerie Longline Bra
Hunkmoller Lingerie Longline Bra

I'm so happy with the piece I chose, as it has a detachable neck accent which is ideal for adding something extra to a very plain outfit. The fit is comfortable and lifting and I adore the shape it gives me.

Thanks to Hunkemöller for helping to make me feel like the sassy bitch I am again. 

I hope you guys understand the radio silience from the previous few months, is my creative space, a hobby but sometimes that has to give.

Of course I appreciate every. single. person. who happens to stumble upon this spot on the internet and read what my busy mind happens to put into words.

Please bear with me, normal service shall resume soon and she'll be wearing damn fit undecrackers 👌

Hunkmoller Lingerie Longline Bra

Item featured*- Laurel Longline Lace Padded Underwired Bra with detatchable neck accent, kindly gifted by Hunkemöller
Hunkmoller Lingerie Longline Bra

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  1. Everyone needs to take a break sometimes and the great thing is that you come back fresh and with renewed enthusiasm! I absolutely love this bra - looks really supportive and sexy too! xx

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