Spray Tan At Home | Norvell Ultra Vivid Effect Hi-Res Colour Creator

Norvell Ultra Vivid Effect Hi-Res Colour Creator
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Following on from my recent discovery of how to help keep your life in check by not ruining your bedding with the amazing TannCo invention, I decided to experiment a little more with at home self tanning products.

As the ultimate lazy girl, I'm all for making life easier in any quick way I can so the Norvell Ultra Effect Hi-Res Colour Creator (phew, that's a mouthful eh?) self tanning spray sounded right up my street.

Described as:

Micro fine self tanning spray:  Striking colour in a spray can!
This salon quality micro-fine sunless mist utilizes color theory to neutralize orange hues.
Deliberately formulated using a unique blend of violet and brown hue bronzers, this spray effects a deeper, darker, more dynamic tan.

This at-home vanilla scented spray tan has been quite revolutionary for me. As someone who is still learning to nail even coverage with a mousse or cream tan, the fine spray helps reach the awkward areas and gives instant coverage so you can see exactly where you've missed on application.
Norvell Ultra Vivid Effect Hi-Res Colour Creator

I used a very light applicaton of the Norvell Ultra Vivid Effect Hi-Res Colour Creator to develop into a bronzed, even glow for daily wear but the colour can be built up for a deeper shade if you like to rock a darker Bronzed Goddess look for the weekend.  (Recommended 2 applications 24 hrs apart if you're fair skinned).

The spray absorbs into the skin very quickly after application and I was ble to dress after just a few moments without any product transfer.

The forumlation is packed with good stuff lke Vitamin E to help boost the UV defense in the skin and neutralize free radicals as well as Vitamin C to help even the skin tone.  The Cranberry extract helps keep your skin moistursed while the tomato extract prevents signs of aging and revives the skin's glow.

Norvell tanning products are Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Sulfate-free, Cruelty-free and 100% Vegan and this spray has no stanky biscuit smell - big tick!
 Spray Tan At Home | Norvell Ultra Vivid Effect Hi-Res Colour Creator

At £29.99 for 207mls, I think this tan is a wonderful option for anyone, like me that needs an easier, at-home option to help create an even finish.

The colour lasted beautifully on my skin, faded naturally and I had some great compliments on the shade too.