The Greatest Tanning Accessory Ever Invented?

Tannco Black Tan Protector Bed Sheet 
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I'm a bit of a self tanning newbie.  I used to fully embrace my paleness but over the last two or so years, I've been experimenting with self tanning products more frequently and now I mainly use it for special occasions, holidays, events etc.

I think the reason I never really embraced self tanning in the past came down to a few points; 

That biscuit smell
I'm lazy
The leftover brown bedsheets afterwards

Now with the exciting launch of products like the B.Perfect Strawberry Tanning Mousse or the Solait Coconut Mousse meaning I no longer need to deal with that smell and the fact I'm trying not to be a lazy shite and treat myself to some proper self care regularly, the last point was the bedsheets.

Enter TannCo and their amazing self-tan bed protector sheet.  

My partner was beginning to get pretty frustrated with the tan covered bedsheets but since TannCo sent over one of their luxurious bed protector sheets to settle the domestics, I can now be a golden, biscuit-free Goddess with fresh sheets.

Tannco Black Tan Protector Sheet 
TannCo, a new UK brand have just launched their website where they offer one of the greatest beauty accessories I have ever owned.

The sheets are made from 100% Habutai Art Silk with a built in side zipper and protective pillow cover to help keep your bedtime partner self-tan free.  

I'd say the material feels more like polyester than silk but it was a comfortable sleep and easy to get in and out of and it washes up really well at a eco-friendly 30℃

Tannco Black Tan Protector Sheet 
TannCo sheets are currently available in black and silver (one-size) so you have the option to keep a little bit of your own style, while keeping your fancy sheets protected. Once fully zipped, the sheet fully covered half of my kingsize bedsheet, meaning Mr Flicks didn't have to keep fighting my flailing biscuit arms on his side of the bed in the middle of the night .

Tannco Black Tan Protector Sheet 
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If you're worried about the sustainability and usage of the sheets, TannCo are a vegan and cruelty-free brand; by using the Habutau Art Silk in their sheets instead of normal silk, not only do they reduce the costs in their process but they ensure no silkworms or animals are harmed during their manufacturing process.  

The sheets are designed to last between 6-12 months, obviously that would depend on how often you use it.  I use my protector the night that I self-tan and the evening after I wash it off then pop it into the machine for a refresh.

It fits perfectly into it's own little storage pouch and then lives in my beside drawer, ready for it's next use. 

Are you ready to take your self-tanning routine to the next level?  TannCo sheets are currently available direct (here) or via Amazon for £34.99 with free shipping.

Tannco Black Tan Protector Sheet Box Packaging
Tannco Black Tan Protector Sheet

Tannco Black Tan Protector Sheet
- AD | This post features a gifted product - 

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