Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Healthy Lipsticks

Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick summer shades 
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Antipodes are one of my most favourite skincare brands and last year I shared some of my favourite skincare products from the brand (here) and I've been keen to expand my collection and discover more.

Their recent release; 5 new shades of their Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick collection are beautifully seasonally appropriate summery shades and, like their skincare range, are packed full of wonderful ingredients like Calendula Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Argon Oil to keep the lips deeply moisturised and plump all day.

Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick summer shades

Throughout the summer I've been trialing three of the new shades and their Lip Conditioner too and I just had to share the products on here with you guys.

Starting off with the Kiwi Seed Lip Oil Conditioner;

If you're anything like me and don't even considering leaving the house without multiple layers of lip balm on, this lip conditioner will be your bestest bud and he's only £8.99 too.

Infused with Bioactive Botanical Kiwi Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and ultra rich and nourishing Avocado Oil, this lip oil conditioner is your best bet to keep your lips hydrated, plump and happy throughout the day.

The formula is beautifully soft and comfortable on the lips, not a hint of greasiness in sight and it's really long lasting too.  It's the perfect treat to pop in your bag for non make-up days to keep your lips looking their best or it's an ideal partner for the Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipsticks.

Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick summer shades

I'm a complete newbie to Antipodes cosmetic products so as soon as these lipsticks arrived I was keen to get them allllll on my face, it was quite the decision which one to go for first.

The new collection has five shades and from that, I've been wearing three this summer: 

Forest Berry Red - If you're a red lipstick lover then this perfect blue toned, pin up rouge will be right up your street.

Dragon Fruit Pink - If Barbie had to write her Christmas list, I bet this shade would be on it.

Piha Beach Tangerine - a punchy red based, coral/ orange that I'm currently rocking as I type.  The perfect contrast to my pink hair 

Antipodes Moisture-Boost Natural Lipstick summer shades

I love the unusual shape of the lipstick itself, the rounded tip was a change from the norm an made the application smooth and enjoyable to use. 

The formula goes on beautifully opaque and is super long lasting while still being nourishing on the lips.  

And the added bonus?  These lipsticks are healthy!   Yes, I know....what?!!

These lipsticks were inspired by natural health supplements and the fact that over a lifetime, the average woman could ingest up to seven pounds of lipstick; either via absorbing the product throughout wear or while eating & drinking.    

The ingredients in the Antipodes Moisture Boost lipsticks are so natural and healthy that you could, if you so wished, you could eat them.   Every ingredient in these wee gems is edible and therefore even better for those of you, like me lick your lips a lot throughout the day. 

If you're tempted to try out these BEAUT new shades from Antipodes and treat yourself to beautiful, healthy lips, the whole range is now available online via or selected shades via and for £19.99 each. 

Are you a bright lipstick lover?

- This post contains gifted items, all opinions are my own -