Bioderma Sébium Range

Bioderma Sebium Range
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Lockdown skin, huh?  It's been a whole thing and I'm so not here for it at all.

I thought working from home and wearing less make up during lockdown would do me the world of good but apparently my face likes to mess with me.

Whether it's hormones, stress, maskne or just me eating everything in sight, I've needed some serious help recently to sort my skin out.

It's Been A While....

It's Been A While.... an update   stock photo

I was about to click "publish" on a new skincare post today when I realised I should address the very obvious elephant in the room.


Prepare yourself for a bit of a brain dump.


It's been almost a year since I last shared some beauty goodness on here, a place that used to be my creative outlet on the internet.