Bioderma Sébium Range

Bioderma Sebium Range
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Lockdown skin, huh?  It's been a whole thing and I'm so not here for it at all.

I thought working from home and wearing less make up during lockdown would do me the world of good but apparently my face likes to mess with me.

Whether it's hormones, stress, maskne or just me eating everything in sight, I've needed some serious help recently to sort my skin out.

The Bioderma Sébium Range landed at just the right time.

I have acne-prone skin and excess sebum/ shine as a result of using overly stripping products in the past so I'm always on the hunt for products to try out that can combat either of those - combating both issues sounds like a dream.  

The range consists of 5 products and I've added 3 of them into my current skincare routine to test out and see if they helped rescue my angry, breakout prone skin.

Bioderma Sebium Range
What they say:

Benefits of BIODERMA Sébium H2O Purifying Cleansing Micelle Solution:
Enriched with purifying active ingredients, Sébium H2O cleanses the epidermis in depth and regulates secretion of sebum. The patented sebo-correcting complex, Fluidactiv®, normalises sebum quality.
Guarantees excellent cutaneous and ocular tolerance.

Micellar water is a product I would rarely have used in my routine in recent years to be honest but I remember the original Bioderma being a cult favourite in the past so I gave it a bash.

This Micellar Water is ideal for acne-prone and oily skin - to ensure it does not dry the skin out the formula works through a micro-emulsion of the skin impurities and excess sebum to cleanse and hydrate at the same time.  It has a very light fresh cucumber'esuqe scent to it that is pleasant and refreshing and the product is Paraben Free too.
On the days where I do wear make up, I now use the Micellar water as an initial cleanse, to gently and effectively remove my foundation with a cotton pad before my full cleanse and I've really enjoyed adding this into my routine.  It removes my make up well and doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry.
I've really been loving this product more on my no make up days; a quick sweep on a reusable bamboo cotton pad first thing in the morning before work or throughout the day is super refreshing on the skin and I think that's where I'll get more use out of this product right now while working from home, wearing minimal make up to help keep me shine free.

Also new in my rotation is the Bioderma Sébium Global (£14.50 for 30mls) : Which is essentially a fancy name for a moisturiser.

What they say:

A Laboratoire BIODERMA innovation, Sébium Global V2 is the first care product that biologically treats the causes and consequences of severe blemishes.
On the causes, the latest-generation Fluidactiv®* patent, which contains bakuchiol, retrains the skin to regulate the quality and quantity of its fatty acids, to restore the sebum of healthy skin and effectively prevent severe blemishes.
On the consequences, the combination of AHA esters, reference dermatological agents, restores clear skin by eliminating spots and blackheads, while zinc gluconate and enoxolone soothe and reduce redness caused by inflammation.
Good tolerance. Non-comedogenic.

I'm super fussy when it comes to moisturisers, I need something that absorbs quickly, has no tacky residue and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  Luckily enough this one ticks all those boxes.
The Bioderma Sébium Global is a face moisturiser that help prevent blemishes and reduce current ones, leaving the skin feeling fresh and silky smooth.  The formula is a gel/ cream hybrid texture that can be used AM & PM after cleansing.

I'm assuming that the whole range has the same scent as this one also has a sort of cucumber linger to it but it's refreshing and light so I don't mind it at all.

I'm a huge fan of products with Bakuchiol in and it's amazing for clearing any imperfections such as scaring and texture and it can help to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles too. 

I've used the Sébium Global now in my routine for six weeks and I honestly believe it's evened out my skintone, helped reduce scarring from out breakouts and I use it in conjunction with my Dermatica overnight serum that helps treat acne, now my skin feels clearer, non irritated and well hydrated.  This product really gets the thumbs up from me.

Bioderma Sebium Range

The last addition from the range I have added my routine is the Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner (£15.50 for 30mls)

What they say:

An excess of sebum, stress, smoking, pollution... so many factors are responsible for the dilation and déformation of pores. An expert in cutaneous biology, BIODERMA research has innovated and developed Sébium Pore Refiner.
This correcting concentrate improves the appearance of the skin: its texture is more refined, more regular and clearer, and the pores are closed and less visible.
The exclusive patented Fluidactiv® complex* maintains the quality of the sebum, thus preventing obstruction of the pores.
An astringent dermatological active agent refines the skin texture and the antioxidant agents preserve its natural radiance.
The light, liquid formula of Sébium Pore Refiner instantly melts into the skin and leaves a pleasant velvety finish.(*) BIODERMA patent.

This is the one product from the range that it has taken me a little longer than the rest to really test out as I wanted to try it alone, when out and about, indoors and as a make-up base and during the current climate- that has taken a little longer than usual.

This is a gel/ cream serum that I'd apply after my SPF, before make-up (if I was wearing any) that gives a great, smooth base for the day.

The Pore Refiner is ideal for oily to combo skin and also helps prevent blemishes.  It's said to tighten pores and although I believe that pores don't open and close - I do believe my skin has been tighter and smoother since using this whole range.

I've always been very aware of my large pores since I was a teen and for years would have worn a high coverage foundation to try and mask my skin.

Perhaps it's been with age, also teamed with consistent skincare, but I no longer see large pores as a negative thing - I know what products suit my skin now, pores are a normal thing(even if we don't see enough of them online and in articles) but we can all use a little help to treat any texture that makes us a little concerned so I've been really enjoying adding this pore refiner into my routine to help my skin feel smoother and reduce and refine any texture I may have from breakouts. 

Where this product however does stand out for me is the sebum control and reducing shine throughout the day.  Without this product in my routine I was a shiny, SHINY faced gal.  Since adding this into my morning routine, after the Bioderma Sébium Global and SPF, I now use the Pore Refiner as a primer/ skin perfector and it keeps me shine free for longer and on make-up days, I feel like my foundation stays on longer too.

Overall since I've added the Bioderma Sébium range into my routine, I've stripped back some other products and really focused on the dreaded lockdown breakouts and reducing the texture I've had.  

I've had good results overall and will contintue to use these up while I have issues with texture.

All products can be purchased from Look FantasticBoots and the NAOS Store.

Have you added anything new into your routine recently?

Have you been affected by breakout since Lockdown too?

Bioderma Sebium Range

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  1. I haven't tried anything from this range but love Bioderma, in general x